2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, There Are Super Many Artificial Intelligence Elements

5 min readMar 23, 2022

On the venue of the just-concluded Beijing Winter Olympics, there are many artificial intelligence figures, many of which are real-life sign language anchors, “super strict” artificial intelligence referees, cute multilingual service intelligent robots, and live broadcast studios. virtual host.

With the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence is no longer on paper. In the just-concluded world’s top Olympic events, the addition of artificial intelligence has greatly increased the interest of the Winter Olympics, and artificial intelligence has left a deep impression on the world with a sense of technology.

AI Crosses the Sound Barrier

In order to allow more disabled people to experience the passion and glory of ice and snow sports, AI sign language anchors settled in the Winter Olympics and realized “using technology to overcome the barriers of sound”.

This AI sign language anchor robot adopts artificial intelligence technologies such as speech recognition and machine translation, and has a built-in complex and accurate sign language translation engine, which can translate text, audio, video and other content into sign language, and can also translate the translation results through specially designed sign language. Optimized developed natural motion engine output, driven by avatars.

Strict AI referee

The artificial intelligence referee and coach system learns the scoring standards of referees in international competitions, collects multi-dimensional indicators such as athletes’ movement trajectories and body postures in real time, provides accurate and quantifiable rapid feedback, technical diagnosis, and provides professional judgments for coaches. instructions.

These technologies are not only used to assist human referees, but also to capture…




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