AI Is Superior Physically and Intellectually than Humans!

6 min readMay 6, 2020

Humans have been at the top of nature’s food chain for a long time. Why is that?

We aren’t the physically strongest species on this Earth. A gorilla could smash our skulls into the ground without thinking twice about it.

We aren’t the fastest species. A cheetah’s leisurely sleep walk is faster than the fastest man in the world.

We aren’t the most venomous species. I think an elephant would prefer our bite over a king cobra’s any day of the week.

We aren’t the most durable species. Cockroaches can survive through extreme amounts of radiation.

We don’t have any interesting built-in biological defenses either. Skunks have their farts, porcupines have their spikes, and peacocks have their feathers.

Humans are fragile. The vast majority of animals in this world could kill us effortlessly given the opportunity to do so, yet we still stand as the most dominant species. What do we have that others don’t?
The only competitive edge we have is our intellect. Our ability to communicate, share information, learn from mistakes, make rational decisions, and increase our standard of living is exponentially better than that of any other species, and makes up for our lack of physicality.

Knowledge is power. A snake will never create a more efficient life for itself. It will always hunt prey with its venom and return home when it’s satisfied. It’s the only thing the snake knows how to do, and it will never be able to start a business hiring other snakes to do the work for it. Through our intellect, we are able to domesticate other species for our own selfish needs such as entertainment and food. We manipulate animals to do as we please by enticing them with their most primal biological need, food. That Shamu at SeaWorld is content with doing flips because it is rewarded with constant treats.The chicken in the slaughterhouse copes with the trauma by being fed until it can’t eat anymore.

What happens when a new species that outperforms us physically AND intellectually is…




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