AI + Virtual Idol, a Game that People will never Tire of Playing

5 min readDec 23, 2020

AI + Interactive Fiction + Virtual Idol =?
The Future of Games

In the Interactive Fiction Game with AI, through different text options, each person will get a unique story with the NPC. No matter what decision is made, the AI will cooperate with the player’s actions to deduce the next development of the story.

For many players, in addition to the game plot and personality, interesting gameplay is also a bonus item that attracts them. What is the difference when the NPC that you do tasks with you every day not only exists in the game, but actually walks into your real world?

Natural language processing (NLP) + Interactive Fiction Game

Let the player not know what will happen in the next second.

Storytelling is a natural part of human nature. It is a boring pastime, an art form, and a communication tool. But have you ever thought of telling stories with machines?

The veteran Interactive Fiction game “Dungeons and Dragons” introduces a new technology that can generate stories interactively. Under a given story setting, every time the player enters a sentence, the AI ​​will continue to write the following story based on the player’s…




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