Artificial Intelligence + Big Data, Take Every Step of Public Sentiment Monitoring

6 min readAug 5, 2020

An online community often lacks self purification mechanism, which is a test for public opinion monitoring, early warning mechanism, emergency response, guidance and control. As a community operator, how to identify negative emotions in the most effective way to check the quality of community operation?

Public opinion is the sum of the public’s position on all aspects of social life and the emotions it reflects. It is a natural manifestation and exposure of social pulsations and public emotions. Internet public opinion is based on the network as the carrier and events as the core. It is a collection of the emotions, attitudes, opinions and opinions of the majority of Internet users, communication and interaction, and subsequent influence.
After ten years of development, we can see that the online public opinion industry’s perception of its own social role, function, and positioning has also changed, and some changes are even subversive.
In 2008, online public opinion was born in China, and the earliest public opinion company was established.
In 2013, under the impact and popularity of the concept of big data, the online public opinion industry collectively moved closer and transformed to the big data industry.
In 2018, packaging and promotion of the public opinion industry through the concepts of artificial intelligence and algorithms has become popular.

1. NLP breaks information barriers

Internet information is complex, and the customer groups of public opinion are complex and diverse, and the data characteristics or sensitive determination schemes of different industries are not the same. Especially when some social events and topics occur, hot information, demand information, official information, opinion information, emotional information, etc. may explode instantly, and the information may also have unclear meanings and mixed elements.

In the community, natural language is the most basic and natural way of…




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