Blockchain | Insurance for Marriage

4 min readAug 26, 2020

Marriage can be regarded as a special contractual relationship in human society. Love is a journey where danger and surprise coexist. The danger lies in its unpredictability, and the surprise lies in its unpredictability. In this case, the blockchain is the insurance bolt of marriage. The immutable nature of the blockchain coincides with lovers’ pursuit of loyalty. At the same time, it is decentralized, traces the entire process, traceable, and collective The characteristics of maintenance, openness and transparency also ensure the “honesty” and “transparency” of the blockchain and lay the foundation for the creation of trust in the blockchain.

1. Prevent marriage fraud

There are endless legal cases of marriage fraud. Once the marriage registration data and pre-marital property are registered on the blockchain, the data cannot be modified. The blockchain can not only record our romantic love history, but also record our true status quo before marriage. Once there is a rift in the marriage, the blockchain will be the best and fairest judge and will not favor any party.

In addition, the property of both parties can be chained and a love convention (smart contract) can be established. Through the love convention, both lovers put their assets and common property in the same account, and then encrypt the property. Afterwards, the two people each get a private key. Under the love convention, if you want to transfer property, you must do it under the premise that both parties know it. It is impossible for either party to secretly transfer property, which effectively avoids marriage Property disputes.

2. Put an end to false marital status

Blockchain provides a technical means to prove the existence of a love relationship. The marital status is registered on the chain. As long as there is a network, a person’s marital status can be inquired. As early as 2014, the first case of blockchain marriage notarization occurred in the United States. A couple of couples used the blockchain to notarize the marriage and submit the record to the chain. This notarization will always be recorded in the blockchain ledger.


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