Blockchain | Technology Enables New Finance

5 min readMay 23, 2020

At present, a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution are gestating and rising. The digital economy is profoundly affecting the world development pattern and human production and life style. Data has become a key factor of production. The Internet and big data have promoted the transformation and upgrading of economic development structure, and promoted technological innovation and financial innovation. The vigorous development of new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and Internet of things has accelerated the integration of Finance and technology, which has become the core production tool.

According to the definition of the global financial stability Committee, fintech is a business model, technology application, process and product that integrates finance and technology, creates new business model, new application, new process and new product, and has a very significant impact on the financial market, financial institutions and the way of providing financial services. Financial technology will have a sustained and huge influence on the world. In the field of financial technology segmentation, blockchain is the only one that has a huge impact and risk on the public at present and may have a huge impact on the future society.

The current application path of blockchain is from payment means to digital financial assets, and then to all kinds of digital assets. Therefore, we can divide the blockchain stage into blockchain 1.0, blockchain 2.0 and blockchain 3.0.
Financial technology innovation is not only the material guarantee for the improvement of financial efficiency, but also one of the internal driving forces of financial innovation. The impact of blockchain on finance, first of all, occurs gradually along the path of technological evolution. The development of information technology is also the basis of blockchain, and blockchain technology further promotes financial reform.
Financial infrastructure mainly includes core financial infrastructure and ancillary financial infrastructure.


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