Connect Human Brain to Computer | Neuralink-Brain-Computer Interaction Technology

6 min readSep 18, 2020

When people were overwhelmed with all kinds of dazzling future technologies, and there was heated discussion about the social changes after the integration of humans and machines in the movie in the future, billionaire Elon Musk began his new exploration of the future-realizing people. Computers are interconnected in the brain (central nervous system) and external computing devices.

As the CEO of space exploration technology companies SpaceX and Tesla, the founder of the tunnel mining company The Boring Company, and the co-founder of the artificial intelligence non-profit organization OpenAI, Musk seems to have a doppelganger technique while promoting a variety of different New technologies move forward. Musk has made achievements in space rockets, electric cars, solar cells and artificial intelligence research, and he also made billions of dollars by the way.

01 “Silicon Valley Iron Man” Elon Musk

GPT-3 is an artificial intelligence model for language processing developed by OpenAI. This company was founded in San Francisco in 2015. The most famous investor at the beginning was now the day’s rising, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon · Musk. But in 2018, Musk announced his withdrawal from OpenAI.

Musk participated in the founding of the company OpenAI, but withdrew from the company in 2018. As for the reason, Musk said: “Tesla’s AutoPilot has some competitive relationships with OpenAI, and I don’t agree with what the OpenAI team wants to do. Combining several issues, parting ways is a better choice.”

From another perspective, Musk said on many occasions that the primary problem now is not the need to create a powerful AI system. The human brain is the most powerful AI machine in the world. The only problem is the human brain, the AI ​​machine. There is no good input and output interface.

Our brain needs the rich thoughts in our minds, those brilliant ideas, huge ideas, fantastic scenes in imagination, but human beings cannot output them well. The current output methods include…




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