Hua Zhibing enrolled in Tsinghua University, what exactly is a virtual digital person?

5 min readSep 30, 2021

Recently, Hua Zhibing, a virtual student of Tsinghua University, has been on the hot search, and netizens have asked questions: Is Hua Zhibing a real person? Does Hua Zhibing have an entity? In fact, Hua Zhibing is a virtual digital person. All living things on the earth are carbon-based creatures, but virtual digital humans are a leap from carbon-based civilization to silicon-based civilization.

Hua Zhibing is supported by the super-large-scale intelligent model “Enlightenment 2.0” led by Beijing Zhiyuan Artificial Intelligence Research Institute. The Zhipu AI team participates in the development of “Enlightenment 2.0” as the backbone, and mainly develops platform application ecology. Xiaoice provides the world’s leading It has a complete framework of artificial intelligence, and is also responsible for the development and application of sound and image. She can compose poems, paints, and compose music, and she also has a certain ability of reasoning and emotional interaction. Her face and voice are all generated by artificial intelligence models.

More importantly, she is positioned as a student. She will have continuous learning ability and be able to gradually “grow up” and constantly “learn” the hidden patterns in the data, including text, vision, images, videos, etc., just like Human beings can continue to learn behavior patterns from the things they experience around them. As time goes by, the new abilities that Hua Zhibing learned for new scenarios will be organically integrated into his own model, and he will become smarter and smarter.

In the early stage of the development of virtual digital humans, it has a very strong entertainment nature. For example, the birth of the well-known digital human and the first widely recognized virtual digital human “Hatsune Miku” in 2007. Hatsune Miku is a two-dimensional style girl idol. She appeared in the Spring Festival Gala in 2021. Driven by the wave of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, all aspects of the performance of virtual digital humans have been greatly improved. The…


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