Jarvis+ 2019 annual technical summary

6 min readJan 3, 2020

In an instant, 2019 is over. This year, Xiaojia Robot entered the WeChat community. Thanks to everyone in the Jarvis+ community for supporting Xiaojia. Looking forward to bringing you more convenience and surprises in 2020!

Simplify complexity and link the future

2019 is a year of constant growth for JarvisPlus. During this year we were fortunate to participate in many events, witness many major industry events, and meet many excellent partners. Let’s review with Xiaojia next!
Jarvis+ community service robot is a real IM robot with learning and interaction that uses artificial intelligence deep learning technology and massive data. Provide a complete community solution for Jarvis+ community service robot growth hash, growth Hacker, active gamification community, and group big data analysis.
What tasks will JarvisPlus complete in 2019? Let’s review it with Xiaojia next!

WeChat robot-Xiaojia

In January 2019, WeChat robots were planned for research and development. In the next three months, through continuous optimization and improvement of the back-end system architecture, in April 2019, the 1.0 version of WeChat’s back-end was officially launched.

In the following days, Xiaojia successively implemented functions such as live code function, group message push, timed push, multi-handle function, group management and kicking.

Let’s briefly introduce some of the functions currently implemented by the Xiaojia robot.

On the chat page, send and receive information

You can use Xiaojia’s management background to send and receive chat information and quickly manage the community.

QnA customer service inquiry function

Xiaojia can trigger multiple answers based on the AI ​​confidence rate of a question.

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