Jarvis+ Annual Report 2018

In 2018, Jarvis+, based on AI and Blockchain technology, experienced the whole process of the industry development. At the same time, Jarvis+ also witnessed the madness and cooldown of the Blockchain market in 2018. As a member of the industry, we are very impressed by the changes. However, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. Only such a huge change in the industry can lead to greater power and like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

As a member of the Blockchain project and the community economy, Jarvis+ has a very important year in innovation and thinking. We have to thank the community for caring and helping Jarvis+ because we are rooted in the community and serve the community. We also have to thank our investors, partners, volunteers, friends and Jarvis+ colleagues for your support. Without your support, Jarvis+ won’t have today’s achievement.

Let’s have a look at what Jarvis+ has done this year!



Start our Jarvis+ official journey from the idea of the Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based blockchain intelligence service!

January 2018

At the early stage Jarvis+ focused on blockchain trading in natural language, including natural language trading robots and natural language intelligence contract templates. Natural language trading robots were presented at the NEO Devcon in 2018 and received credit.

February-March 2018

Good news: Jarvis+ has won the world-famous smart economy NEO investment after the outstanding performance at NEO DevCon!

We need to formalize and open up for the follow-up development of the project. Jarvis+ officially established the Foundation and the Board of Directors in Singapore from February to March, and got the blockchain payment license in Singapore to pave the way for the regularization of Jarvis+ follow-up transactions.


April 2018

By the end of April, we had been in touch with a large number of blockchain projects and communities, and we realized that Jarvis+ could be more than just a trading-based natural language bot. The blockchain community can find developers and volunteers, and complete millions of dollars in financing in a very short time. Many people in the community are project evangelists and loyal fans. The blockchain community has Token which can carry out various activities of the community economy efficiently, so that Jarvis+ has expanded from trading scenarios to more community service scenarios, including increasing group members, group games, intelligent assistant services, topic analysis, public opinion analysis, and so on.


May 2018

The new version of Jarvis+, which has expanded its range of functions, is officially online!

June — July 2018

Good news: The new version of Jarvis+ was soon invested in by the famous investors — Fenbushi Capital, Bo Shen, and Ming Gong!

■Jarvis+ Discord version of artificial intelligence robot was online.

■Jarvis+ started the World Cup Quiz Challenge.

■Jarvis+ started the Bounty Program.

■Jarvis+ WeChat AI robot was online.

■Jarvis+ opened a column on 8BTC

■Jarvis+ Global group passed 20 thousand members.

■Jarvis+ KYC robot went online.

Jarvis+ had a very busy time in June and July!^_^

August-September 2018

■Jarvis+ Bounty Program started the test.

■Jarvis+ Quiz Bot was officially online.

■Jarvis+ news broadcast and message bot was officially online.

October- November 2018

■Jarvis+ virtual KOL started the test.

■Jarvis+Global Group passed 40 thousand members.

December 2018

Jarvis+Robot Dapp Open Test

Ecological activities:

Jarvia+ uses a lot of AI technology, so the natural needs of community users to participate in data corpus work, we pay special attention to the ecological community activities related to Jarvis+, we have jointly participated in and participated in 50 ecological activities in a year, the natural language of evangelism Dealing with the important role of robots in the social economy and expanding the ecosystem of Jarvis+ partners has generated significant value.

Jarvis+ team is only trying to achieve the original vision: Jarvis + is a simple way to link your future!

In 2019, Jarvis+ will open a new chapter in the community economy with you!


Official Website:www.jarvisplus.com


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