Jarvis+’s 2020 Annual Report

6 min readJan 5, 2021

Time lives away, and the seasons flow.

Thank you for your company and support to Jarvis+ in the past. Here is a common memory of you and Jarvis+ in 2020, let’s take a look~

Activity Summary

Jarvis+ is a multi-person intelligent conversation bot (Conversation bot) and information mining service platform based on artificial intelligence natural language interaction (NLP) technology.

In 2020, Jarvis+ held a prize-winning contest in the WeChat community and the Telegram international community. This event uses Jarvis+’s own technology. Let’s review the details with Jarvis+.

Host a prize contest in the WeChat community

This event lasted for two weeks. The cumulative rankings are based on the points system. The top 15 winners will receive gifts prepared by Jarvis+. (Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have any award-winning partners. Look forward to the 2021 Jarvis+ event.)

Host Quiz Game in Telegram International Community

The Quiz Game hosted by the Telegram International Community uses a points system, the difference is that every participant gets a reward. The calculation of points and the distribution of rewards for this event are completely automatically completed by Bot, without staff intervention.The points are updated in real time. During the activity, users can also directly ask the Bot for their points.

In addition to interacting with fans’ prize-winning contests, what new partners will Jarvis+ add in 2020?

Jarvis+ develops Bot for NEAR community operation

In September 2020, Jarvis+ successfully connected with the NEAR community. Since then, Jarvis+ has developed and operated bots for the NEAR community, and coordinated with the FAQ function of sorting out bots, helping it to hold…




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