Jarvis+’s 2021 Annual Report

6 min readJan 1, 2022

Thank you for your support to Jarvis+ in 2021. Let’s start together and take a look at our common memories.

With the support of partners and everyone, JarvisPlus has gone through more than four springs and autumns. As an intelligent assistant for the blockchain community and a decentralized community data and economic platform, JarvisPlus is fortunate to have reached cooperation with the German Artificial Intelligence Research Center (DFKI), Kucoin, True Chain, Nezha platform, Microsoft and other companies. As an artificial intelligence product, it has always maintained the original intention of simplifying the complex, and by constantly updating and improving its own technology, it will better serve each Jarvis+ community user.

In 2017 Jarvis+ officially set sail

In 2017, from this whimsical idea of ​​blockchain intelligent services based on natural language processing (NLP), Jarvis+ officially set sail~

2018 Jarvis+ goes forward

In 2018, Jarvis+ received investment from the world-renowned smart economy NEO, and formally established the Foundation and the board of directors in Singapore. The Jarvis+ group response robot, news broadcast, and message push robot are officially launched, and Dapp starts testing. Jarvis+ was invited to participate in the industry’s prestigious Microsoft Tech Summit 2018 conference and gave presentations and other activities. The Jarvis+Global group exceeded 4W people.

2019 Jarvis+ keeps going

In 2019, Jarvis+ launched the WeChat small plus robot to support self-service applications to help manage and activate the community; Jarvis+ launched the Telegram Bounty robot to achieve rapid group growth and rapidly expand its influence; Jarvis+ developed and improved artificial intelligence data analysis; Jarvis+ updated its official website, echoing blue and white, simple and clear; Jarvis+ went to the United States, Beijing, Wuzhen, Shanghai and other cities.




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