“Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing” of Artificial Intelligence

6 min readAug 7, 2020

Artificial intelligence is a simulation of the information process of human consciousness and thinking. Since its inception, artificial intelligence theory and technology have become increasingly mature, and the application fields have also been expanding, playing a vital role in our daily lives.

In terms of “listening,speaking, reading, and writing” recognition applications: From the basic artificial intelligence technology, there are text recognition, speech recognition, semantic analysis, image recognition, video analysis, etc. Specific applications include text recognition, voice control products, machine translation, smart online customer service, face recognition applications, and smart security products, etc.

1. Listening

Artificial intelligence needs three core processes to understand human language. Hearing, hearing accurately, and understanding, from a technical point of view, are the three key technical links of sound pickup, recognition and understanding. Sound pickup is the most basic link. It must be ensured that the machine can hear the sound. This part is mainly an acoustic problem; recognition is to convert the sound that meets the requirements into text. This part is mainly a speech recognition problem; understanding is based on recognition. The text accurately understands human instructions and even emotions.

Being able to hear sounds is not smart, being able to understand is the most important thing. Artificial intelligence now has the ability to understand sounds. However, human language is very abstract and complex. In order to achieve accurate and efficient recognition, it is necessary to study not only speech recognition and speech synthesis, but also human interaction mechanisms and behaviors under the voice channel. Among them, the speech interaction process includes four parts: speech collection, speech recognition, semantic understanding and speech synthesis.


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