My Robot “friend”

6 min readMay 17, 2020

Instead of worrying about robots taking over our work, we should worry about the increasing number of robots as the labor force ages.

This is the realistic robot geminoid f (left) and Professor Mari velonaki (right), who is studying human-computer interaction with the robot. On the surface, geminoid f seems to be a Japanese woman in her 20s, about 165cm tall, with black hair, brown eyes and soft and delicate skin. When she thinks about speaking, she breathes, blinks, smiles, sighs, frowns, and even her lips move.
“In the last few days, I was shocked when I came into the room early in the morning,” her researchers said “I would feel someone sitting there looking at me. Although I know there will be a robot in it, not a person, but I still get scared every time! “ It’s not rejection, he explained, it’s an interesting feeling.

Geminoid f angry, calm, happy expression

In fact, geminoid f is a $100000 fictional character, driven in part by algorithms and guided in part by behind the scenes operators, moving the head and face in a realistic way. Her creators monitor her questions and answers to make sure they are relevant. Geminoid f doesn’t mean smart: she was created to help build relationships between humans and robots.
That’s why studying her is often an interdisciplinary type. “We hope that cooperation among artists, scientists and engineers will bring us closer to the goal of creating robots that interact with humans in a more natural, intuitive and meaningful way,” said Sylvia Tavel, who currently works at CSIRO, the Australian National Science Agency. It is hoped that the geminoid f will help robots take the first step out of the cages in fields and factories and work with us. In the near future, her descendants — some like humans, some not — will take care of our old people and even educate our children.

This may happen earlier than you think.

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