Nft + Smart Games, Unlock New Game Ecology

5 min readSep 9, 2021

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence and the Internet, the game industry has continued to grow in the past 20 years. There are already countless types of games in the world. As of the first half of 2021, Chinese game users have reached 667 million. 67% of players have a history of game consumption, and 74% of total game revenue is generated through in-game transactions.

Compared with childhood arcade games, today’s games are full of technical buffs. Developers use custom AI models to enhance the gaming experience, such as computer deep learning and enhanced learning in the human-machine battle mode in “Glory of the King” Operational strategy.

Now that we have a better gaming experience, we only need an account to participate in it, but when a game player logs in to the game page to register an account, it is often ignored that the player agreement basically stipulates that the ownership of the game props belongs to the game company. In other words, the props that were worked hard to fight monsters and leveled up did not actually belong to gamers. Most games on the market have a short life cycle, and we cannot guarantee the ultimate destination of our virtual property in the virtual network. Since traditional games often exist on a centralized platform, if the game is stopped or closed, the props in the game will no longer exist, and the props can only be used in the game where it is located.

We mentioned above that NFT endows art with scarcity and tradability. The holder of the art can collect it or sell it, and the NFT blockchain is responsible for providing technical guarantee. It is undeniable that NFT + art is a win-win combination. NFT not only changes the traditional art market but also brings traffic to art, and NFT also realizes its own value.

With the development of NFT, the combination of NFT+games has gradually entered people’s attention. Compared with most NFT artworks which only have collection value and resale value, the game has opened up new value of NFT. There are many kinds of equipment, avatars, skins, props, etc. in the game, and NFT represents a kind of unique item…


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