Suppose you are asked to make a law for AI | Legal issues on artificial intelligence

6 min readSep 11, 2020

Since the beginning of the new century, the evolution of civilization in human society has shown a trend of accelerated development. “At the three key points of time when mankind entered the 21st century, three interconnected but slightly different new eras emerged one after another, namely the era of network society, the era of big data, and the era of artificial intelligence. The three together constitute a new society. era”.
Just as with the development of the Internet, network law is gradually being improved, we need to restrict the essential characteristics of artificial intelligence and explore a set of solutions to the future. Facing the era of intelligent revolution, we should explore the institutional civilization that accompanies scientific civilization on the basis of understanding and analyzing the current legal dilemma, and create a social norm system that is conducive to the healthy and orderly development of artificial intelligence.

In the previous article, Jarvis+ and everyone analyzed the emergence of artificial intelligence, which has brought an unprecedented crisis and challenge to the current ethical standards, legal rules, social order and public management system. The institutional structure facing the future era should take the technological development and regulation of artificial intelligence as the theme, and form a social governance system that includes legal rules, policy regulations and ethical norms.

Focus on safety

The value analysis of artificial intelligence law originates from the opposition between legal ideals and reality. The legal value in the artificial intelligence era is the pursuit of human legal ideals and values, and the legal expression of the philosophical category of value. The ideal value of the law is always higher than the actual value of the law, which can provide goal guidance and continuous motivation for the evolution of the legal system. Artificial intelligence law has not only the constituent elements of general law value, but also the value content of its special law, thus forming its own legal value system. Among them, “justice is the primary value of the social system” and also as the universal value of general law. The personality…


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