Test Which School of Artificial Intelligence do You Belong to?

5 min readJul 10, 2020

The school of artificial intelligence is a cutting-edge interdisciplinary subject. What is an interdisciplinary subject? It is this discipline that covers a lot of knowledge of other disciplines. Why are there interdisciplinary? Interdisciplinary subjects are mainly aimed at some open issues. The artificial intelligence understood by philosophers, psychologists, biologists and programmers must be different. Because there are so many disciplines to participate in the discussion of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence has produced some major schools.

The main schools of artificial intelligence are:
1. Symbolism , also known as logicism , psychology school 1653 (psychologism) or computer school (computerism), whose principles are mainly physical symbol system (ie, symbolic operating system) assumptions and principles of limited rationality.
2. Connectionism , also known as bionicsism (physiologism) or physiologism , whose main principle is neural network and neural network connection mechanism and learning algorithm.
3. Behaviorism, also known as evolutionism or cybernetics, whose principles are cybernetics and perception-action control systems.

#1. Symbolism

Symbolism is mainly for some people who do mathematical logic and psychology, and will tend to do some research in this direction. Symbolism believes that artificial intelligence stems from mathematical…




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