Why is the token economy a future organizational form?

4 min readOct 23, 2019

On September 21st,JarvisPlus and Microsoft co-hosted the “See more to touch”AI+Blockchain Future Trend Discussion at the Microsoft headquarter in Beijing. This article is a speech by Stephen Wu, the founder of JarvisPlus.(you can click here to review the last article: How to make investment decisions with knowledge graphs?)

In the speech, Stephen reviewed the three milestones of human development, and introduced the prospects of the token economy through organizational changes. Come and have a look!

Stephen Wu, the founder of JarvisPlus

The Three Milestones of Human History

The topic that I share with you today is “ How does NLP (natural language processing) empower blockchain? ” Let’s look at the picture below and I will quote a point in “A Brief History of Humanity” — three milestones in human development.

Many people may think that the biggest difference between human and animal is that human can use tools, but I think that the biggest difference between human and animal is that they can communicate and they have languages.

It is the first milestone in human history, because A species can prosper and develop only if it can inherit the knowledge and wisdom from its previous generation.




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